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IDF demands warning letters from Winograd Commission
Military legal rep demands warning letters be issued to officials set to be harmed by war report

Chief Military Defense Council Colonel Orna David submitted a petition against the Winograd Commission Tuesday morning, in which she demanded that the commission send warning letters to those it expects to be harmed by its conclusions, not only from the committee's recommendations, but from the its findings and report expected to be published by the end of the end of the year.


David has also demanded an intermediate decree to prevent the report from being publicized.


In its first petition, the IDF's legal council demanded that the Winograd Committee, which probed the failures of the Second Lebanon War, announce whether it plans to release warning letters to those affected by the final report.


High Court judges decided eventually that the petitions against the Winograd Committee should be erased, after the committee said it would send warning letters to those set to be harmed by the final report.


The Winograd Committee is expected to publicize the final report by the end of 2007. The report will include a broad analysis of the Second Lebanon War's maneuvers and the decision making process which guided the political and military leadership.


Members of the committee are not expected to be 'merciful' in their criticisms of the conduct of authorities during the war, but it seems personal recommendations against senior government or military officials will be absent from the report.


On Friday, another petition was submitted against the committee by the Movement for Quality Government in Israel. The group demanded that the Winograd Committee be ordered to cancel its decision not to publicize personal conclusions and recommendations in its final report. The High Court has ordered the committee to respond to the petition within 10 days.


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