Orlev: Arab MKs must stop supporting enemy
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The trigger: MK Bishara's trip to Syria
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Law banning visits in enemy states approved in preliminary vote
Knesset approves preliminary bill banning Israelis who visit enemy states from contesting for seats in Knesset
The Knesset approved a preliminarily bill banning Israelis who visited enemy states without permission from contending in elections to the Knesset.


The bill's proposer, Knesset Member Zevulun Orlev (National Union-NRP), said that "visits in enemy states stir fear that security information could be passed on and form an encouragement to armed attacks and terror attacks against Israel.


The Azmi Bishara episode and the incitement on the part of some of the Arab Knesset Members, as well as their trips to Syria and meetings with heads of the Hamas, are not in the realm of free speech, but form clear encouragement of armed attacks and terror activities against Israel and her citizens," he said.


'I'll go despite the law'

The bill was seconded by MK Esterina Tartman (Yisrael Beitenu), who said, "as in most of the proper Western states, Israel too must remove the right to vote from citizens who visit enemy states without authorization and support our enemies in violation of the laws of the state. It's time that Israel opens its eyes. Enough of Arab Knesset members spitting in our faces and us saying it's raining."


MK Mohammad Barakeh (Hadash) is convinced that the law is racist: "This is a despicable step of approving racist laws in the Knesset which reached a peak with its approval of this law with the agreement of the coalition. To all the inciters and racists we say: If you place before us the choice of cutting us off from our history, and being in the Knesset – we'll leave the Knesset to you, and all the racists can choke."


"The Knesset is filled with racists," responded Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al). "Corrupt MKs want a Knesset without Arabs… if I'll be invited (to an enemy state) soon, I'll go despite the law. I am sure that a person who transgresses an unjust law… and is prepared to accept the punishment and even be imprisoned for it, with the aim of bringing to view the injustice, is actually expressing respect to the highest values."


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