Soldiers returning from Gaza mission
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IDF kills 4 terrorists in Gaza

Calls for ground operation grow following various incidents in Strip. Since start of year over 220 Palestinian terrorists killed in IDF counter-terrorism operations

IDF forces identified a number of armed terrorists north of the Kissufim crossing in northern Gaza. Soldiers opened fire, killing two of the terrorists.


Since Wednesday, IDF soldiers killed four terrorists in three different operations.


The string of incidents began at 5 pm, when Palestinians fired eight mortar shells from northern Gaza. The IDF attacked the terror cell, killing one of its members. Shortly afterwards, an armed terrorist was spotted near the security fence in the Karni crossing area in northern Gaza. Golani combat soldiers and the terrorist became involved in an exchange of fire in which the terrorist was killed. Sweeps have been conducted in the area and a Kalashnikov weapon has been uncovered.


"Since the start of the year over 220 terrorists have been killed in a long line of operations," a military source said. "The fighting here goes on around the clock, mainly around the security fence, which the terrorists are seeking to take control of in order to carry out attacks against soldiers and Israelis over the fence.


"Recently, a certain rise in the number of confrontations between IDF soldiers and terrorists has been registered, both along the security fence and within Palestinian territory, while we carry out initiated operations. There's no doubt that the motivation of terror groups to carry out attacks is high and they are attempting to carry out attacks in different ways. We will continue to operate within the Strip and on the security fence," he said. 


At this time, the IDF is not talking about a wide scale ground operation. Despite that, all of the preparations for such an operation are complete and there are drawer plans detailing various ground options in differing scopes. According to most estimations, such an operation will be delayed until after the Annapolis summit.


In the meantime, the IDF is continuing with pinpoint operations which are not aimed at harming the strengthening of terror groups. At the same time, a growing number commanders in the area are calling for an increase in IDF operations in Gaza.  


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