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Poll: Israeli public has little faith in State

Sderot Conference, Sapir College's fifth annual social resilience survey shows public has little faith in public, governmental systems; 73% are embraced by public corruption, 75% are concerned about ongoing Palestinian conflict

More than half of Israelis are concerned about not being able to provide for their families in the future, said a survey published by the Sderot Conference for Social and Economic Policy, Thursday.


The Sderot Conference and Sapir College's fifth annual social resilience survey was conducted by the Maagar Mohot institute. Social resilience is measured by the public's sense of belonging, financial ability, access to social rights such as public housing, a sense of job security and faith in public and governmental systems.


The poll's results, reported the Sderot Conference, were slightly alarming: Israel, said most of those polled, still denies its citizens access to basic social needs, but the public's faith in the State's school and health systems seem to be on the rise.


Some 54% of the poll's participants said they were concerned about being able to support their families in the future, and 47% were afraid they would not be able to save any money for their old age.


The majority of those polled – 71% - believed Israel does not provide, or only partially provides its citizens with suitable public housing, and 62% said the State does not allow its elderly population a dignified way of living in their old age.


When asked about their view of public corruption, 73% said it was the main reason they were ashamed of the State. An additional 77% were concerned about the growing gaps between the social echelons, 75% were concerned about the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians and 73% about the increasing violence.


Israelis, however, are still very proud of the IDF and the other defense forces: Forty-four percent of Israelis said they believed the country will always defend its citizens, while only 23% said they had little or no faith in the defense forces.


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