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6 men rape teenage girl and call her 'dirty Jew'

According to indictment, six young Arab-Israeli men take advantage of two intoxicated girls, brutally raping, beating, and sodomizing one of them, while cursing her for being a Jew

Rape, physical abuse, and racism. What was supposed to be just a night out for two young girls turned into a brutal nightmare. Six young men from the Arab-Israeli towns of Qalansawa, Lod and Taybe stand accused of raping an intoxicated 16-year-old girl in Netanya two weeks ago. Throughout the rape they swore "dirty Jew" and beat her.


An indictment was filed Sunday morning in the Tel Aviv District Court against the six men, between the ages of 20-25, accusing them of rape, sodomy and causing injury. According to the indictment, the young girl and her friend went out for an evening in Herzeliya, later coming to Independence Square in Netanya. There they sat and drank from a bottle of vodka they purchased in a kiosk.


During the night, the accused men arrived at the square and made advances toward the girls, who refused them. The men nevertheless continued sitting with the girls, and one of them bought a bottle of vodka as one of the girls began to feel sick from the alcohol, fainting and losing consciousness. One of the accused stole a purse from the girls and proceeded to extract money and two cellular telephones.


Afterwards, they put the girls in two cars and brought them to Sironit Beach. One of the girls managed to oppose them, but the men raped her companion on the beach, taking advantage of her inability to protest, apart from a few attempts to bite her attackers. During the rape, the accused men beat the girl and called her "dirty Jew", ignoring her cries and pleadings that they cease.


The warrant

According to the arrest warrant, the prosecution claimed that the six men carried out a string of shocking crimes of a sexual and violent nature against the two girls, taking advantage of their distress and total inability to resist six men larger and older than they are: "The utter mercilessness and horrifying acts these men carried out testify to the fact that they are reckless, and the danger they pose rises to the highest bar of violent and sexual crimes."


The prosecution is also in possession of a DNA sample from the rapists' semen, which led one of the attackers to confess.


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