Ahmadinejad - Regrets his neighbors are attending 'media show'
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Kassem - 'Not in the mood for political theater'
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Ahmadinejad: Support Annapolis - support Zionist occupation

Iran, Hizbullah write off Annapolis peace conference moments before parties sit down for historic talks. Ahmadinejad slams participation of Arab League nations, says their endorsement sanctions Israel's behavior while ignoring Palestinian interests

In an effort to lower expectations for success at the US-led Annapolis peace conference set to kick off on Monday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Kassem both had harsh criticisms for the summit on Sunday.


"One who looks at the preparation for the Annapolis conference discovers that there is no benefit for the Palestinians. This is a political show for the media which is in Israel's interest," the second-in-command of Hizbullah said Sunday at a rally in Beirut, Lebanon.


Kassem also said that the purpose of the summit was to support 'certain' Palestinians leaders - insinuating Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


Ahmadinejad said Sunday that next week's Middle East peace conference would only serve Israel, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.


Nearly 50 nations and organizations are set to attend the summit on Tuesday in Annapolis, Maryland to relaunch the long stalled Middle East peace process. Iran is not among the invitees.


"The peace conference has no benefit for the oppressed Palestinian nation. It is only for supporting the Zionists occupiers,'' Ahmadinejad said, according to the agency.


''Participation in this summit is an indication of the lack of intelligence of some so-called politicians,'' he said, accusing the participants of giving concessions to the ''Zionists.''


''I am sorry that some people around us plan to participate in the conference, which like its previous ones will not have any benefit,'' Ahmadinejad added, apparently referring to his Arab neighbors who announced their readiness to attend the conference on Friday.


In October, Iran called the conference a hopeless exercise, but fear over the Islamic Republic's the growing influence and regional ambitions may have helped push the Arabs and Israelis to finally solve the six-decade old conflict.


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