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Residents of north on bottom rung of socioeconomic ladder

What do northern communities have to offer their residents? Not much apart from more peaceful life, more pleasant surroundings survey finds prior to 2007 Galilee Conference. Majority feel central Israel offers superior quality of life

Eighty percent of Israelis feel that central Israel offers residents a superior quality of life, and that living in northern areas holds significant disadvantages, a survey conducted prior to the Galilee Conference, opening Tuesday in Nazareth, found.


The survey also found that only 7% of Israelis living in the center of the country are willing to relocate up north.


Director of the ‘Tzafona' Committee, Zeev Chayut, presented these rather bleak findings at the seventh annual Galilee Conference, noting that 81% of northern Israel’s residents occupy the bottom five rungs of the socioeconomic ladder (out of a possible 10 appearing in the survey). The oppositeis true of the socioeconomic state in the center of the country.


“The findings are pretty shocking and infuriating, but unfortunately represent accurate scientific data,” said Chayut, stating also that these figures (for the 2006 fiscal year) cannot be contested, especially in light of the inverse numbers revealed for central Israel.


“In central Israel, 70% of residents occupy the top socioeconomic rungs,” noted Chayut, explaining that the socioeconomic categories appearing in this study were based upon criteria such as per capita education, number of vehicles per individual, etc.


Less air pollution in north

The poll in question was conducted jointly by Mccann-Erickson and Mutagim as part of a comprehensive revamping scheme for the Galilee region. The survey likewise found that most Israelis see northern Israel as offering a calmer and overall higher quality environment for its residents, although life in central Israel is preferable as far as other socioeconomic criteria are concerned.


Eighty-two percent of respondents felt that finding a decent-wage job is far easier in central Israel, and 78% indicated that central cities have a far superior nightlife to their northern counterparts.


Sixty-four percent of those polled felt it was easier to build a better life for oneself, and pursue one’s hobbies and interests, while living in central Israel. Furthermore, 52% of those polled stated that the government gives preferential treatment to residents of central Israel.


Northern Israel does have its advantages as well, though. Thirty percent of respondents stated that there is far less air pollution up north, whereas 21% of those polled mentioned that life up north is far more peaceful and of a far better overall quality than life in central Israel.


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