The Tavor in action
Photo: Defense Ministry

‘Sexy’ Tavor rifle replaces Uzi as Hollywood weapon of choice

Hollywood experts: ‘The Tavor is precisely the type of weapon Hollywood craves; a sexy weapon that looks good and fires well’

There is a new Israeli star making a splash in Hollywood. The Micro Tavor, the miniaturized version of the Israeli Tavor Assault Rifle, is fast becoming the “it” player in Hollywood action films.


As reported to the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, major Hollywood production companies are currently looking to purchase Micro Tavors for use in big budget action flicks. “The Tavor might very well be the next big Hollywood hit, seeing as the Uzi is fast becoming obsolete,” a source familiar with the matter indicated.


A weapons expert working in the entertainment industry called the Tavor “exactly what Hollywood film makers are looking for; a ‘sexy’ weapon that looks great and fires extremely well.”


This feisty new weapon is not only a hit on the Hollywood screens, however. A few elite US army units are also looking to purchase Micro Tavors, which are already a fixture in many IDF combat units.


So what makes the Tavor so unique? Born of the Israeli Military Industry, the Tavor showcases an exceptional level of engineering and design, which Israeli weapons industry experts say, makes it a highly valuable export.


In order to capitalize on the Tavor’s market potential as a ‘hot’ Israeli export, weapons industry personnel have developed an entire ‘family’ of Tavor rifles including a shortened version, a designated marksman variant developed exclusively for squad snipers, and a micro model that was designed to replace both the Uzi and the Mini Uzi Submachine Guns.


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