Mofaz slams UN resolution
Photo: Amit Shabi

Mofaz: Lebanon resolution worthless

Transportation Minister Mofaz says Security Council Resolution 1701 that ended Second Lebanon War 'not worth paper it's written on'; former defense minister slams political leadership's conduct during war, says army not at fault for outcome

The Second Lebanon War would have ended differently if "the defense establishment would have called up reserve forces and used them as it should have, just like in operation Defensive Shield," Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said Saturday.


"Hizbullah today is stronger than what it was before the war, and it has a larger rocket arsenal…it does not fulfill any clause in Resolution 1701. Resolution 1701 is not worth the paper it's written on, "Mofaz said.

Are UN troops useless? (Photo: AFP)


The main problem encountered by Israel in the Lebanon War was the political leadership's failed management of the campaign, Mofaz added. "This is the same army and same commanders who fought in operation Defensive Shield four years earlier, and there we won."


Mofaz defends previous policy

In a session organized by the Geneva Initiative organization, Mofaz argued that there is no connection between the results of the war and the security activity undertaken in the past six years, during which he served as chief of staff and as defense minister.


"I would do exactly the same thing over again. I was asked by the Winograd committee about what our policy was in those six years – the policy was to put an end to suicide terrorism while refraining from opening another front," Mofaz said.


Mofaz made the comments ahead of the publication of the second part of the Winograd report, against a backdrop of growing calls to topple Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should the report harshly criticize the PM's conduct during the war.


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