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Sderot: Only 28% of students attend school

Sderot Municipality reveals 28% of school children, 48% of Kindergarteners attend classes. Internal security minister visits rocket-battered town, surveys barrage damage

Sdeort residents are barricading themselves at home: An examination conducted by the Education Division of the Sderot Municipality revealed that Sderot’s schools and Kindergartens remained virtually empty Friday, with only 28% of school children and 48% of kindergarteners attending classes.


Director of the Sderot Municipality Education Division, Miriam Sassi noted that “we saw similar statistics during earlier rocket salvos. I figured that many students would be out of classes because of the weekend as well as due to billionaire Arcadi Gaydamak’s efforts to evacuate youths from the city.”


Sassi also noted that a ‘situation room’ would be established in Sderot that would coordinate the efforts of all organizations operating in the city.


Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter visited Sdeort Friday, and was greeted by two Qassam rockets that landed near a school and local Kindergarten.


Anxious parent rushed to the scene in order to take their children back home. Dichter arrived on the scene, and spoke to local residents who shared their grave concerns with the security minister.


Dichter also visited the home of the Alcharar family, whose home was damaged by Qassam fire on a number of occasions. Hanna Alcharar told Ynet that “the minister visited us and saw the damage to our home. He also walked with my son Tahal to his high-school that he attends.”


Alcharar further noted that “we are currently receiving psychological assistance because of these Qassam attacks, and are going through a very difficult time. My son Tahal feels scared and insecure, and doesn’t have any friends anymore.”


Alcharar said that Tahal was very happy to see Dichter, but that two additional Qassam rockets hit the town right after the internal security minister left. “We were happy for a moment, than all the fears came rushing back,” she said.


Minister Dichter also surveyed other Sderot homes damaged by Qassams, and met with Kadima activists who briefed him on the situation in the town over the past three days.


Yonat Atlas contributed to this article


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