Palestinian outpost
Right-wingers combat illegal Palestinian outposts
‘National Land Protection Trust’ issues report on illegal construction by Palestinians, says Civil Administration takes no action against Palestinian outposts in Israeli-held C Areas
Amidst heavy debate concerning illegal Israeli outposts, the right-wing National Land Protection Trust has issued its own report regarding illegal outposts erected by the Palestinians.


Chairman of the Land Protection Trust, Bezalel Smotrich, said that “if there is indeed a rule of law, then there can be no discriminating between Jews and Arabs. The edict issued in the beginning of 2007, which indicated that illegal construction is a criminal offense and allows authorities to take action against offenders, does not indicate whether the construction in question is Israeli or Palestinian.”


Smotrich also noted that the National Land Protection Trust has records of every single Palestinian outpost.


The Civil administration only takes action against 20% of illegal Palestinian construction in Israeli-controlled C-Areas,” he said. 


Ariel photograph of Palestinian outpost Faradis


The right-wing organization sent these records to Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Central Command chief Maj-Gen. Gadi Shamni. Enclosed in these files are photos well and ariel snapshots of one such Palestinian outpost, Faradis.


Furadis Settlement in Gush Etzion  


“This is not one single, hidden structure but an entire outpost,” said the National Land Protection Trust West Bank Coordinator Yair Ben-David. “This is a bonafide settlement erected right under the nose of local authorities, and this blatant law-breaking is only gaining in intensity.”


MK Uri Ariel (NRP) commented on the organization’s case file and stated that “there isn’t even a semblance of justice in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s actions in this matter. The blatant discrimination he shows towards Israeli settlers living in outposts is legally, morally and ethically wrong.”


“It is not justice that the prime minister seeks, but rather selfish narrow-minded political ends,” said Ariel. “The government’s turning a blind-eye to hundreds of illegally constructed Arab and Bedouin homes is the true travesty here.”


The Civil Administration responded to these claims and stated that they have no intention of commenting on the National Land Protection Trust’s report until they actually receive it and are able to study its contents.


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