A pending struggle. Migron
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State to High Court: Migron to be evacuated by August

State Prosecutor's Office tells High Court evacuation of illegal West Bank outpost will be completed by mid summer. 'We want to evacuate premises peacefully, but should that course fail, we will use force,' it says

The illegal outpost of Migron, located near the West Bank settlement of Ofra, evacuated by August of 2008, the State Prosecutor's Office told the High Court Wednesday.


"We want the evacuation to take place with the settlers' agreement, but should that course fail, we will evacuate them by force," a political source told Ynet.


"The prime minister and the defense minister have decided that the Migron outpost, located on private Palestinian land, is to be evacuated in six months, "said a statement by the State Prosecutor's Office.


"The prime minister and the defense minister have further decided that within the said period of time an attempt will be made to evacuate the settles to another, agreed upon, location, which will deemed legally and infrastructural appropriate.


"Every effort will be made to bring about the consensual evacuation of Migron," continued the statement, signed by Attorney Anar Helman of the State Prosecutor's Office.


"The defense establishment reserves the right to ask the court for a continuance on the matter, should one be necessary, to secure its evacuation."


In its statement to the High Court, the State responded to a petition filed by Attorneys Michael Sfard and Shlomi Zacharia, on behalf of the local Palestinian residents.


"Migron was erected while trespassing on privet property, without any consent by its owner or by the authorities," said Sfard and Zacharia in their petition.


"The petitioners reported the violation to the Civil Administration and have asked, time and again, that the authorities intervene in the matter. 


"Nevertheless, those in charge of enforcing the law on Israelis in the West Bank chose to do nothing to stop the invaders' construction on the premises."


Migron was the latest subject of a rabbinical manifest, said a security official; the security establishment believes its evacuation will be accompanied by fierce resistance.


Aviram Zino contributed to this report


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