Photo: Hagai Aharon
Party chairman Ibrahim Sarsur
Photo: Hagai Aharon

United Arab List – Ta'al (Ra'am-Ta'al)

Chairman: Ibrahim Sarsur


The United Arab List-Ra'am was established just prior to the 1996 general elections, in order to ensure Israeli Arabs are duly represented in the Knesset.


The party then joined forces with the Arab Democratic Party and the two proceeded to win four Knesset seats. The two later merged completely under Ra'am's named. The party won five seats in the following general elections, but several of its members soon split, forming the National Arab Party.


The 2003 elections saw Ra'am suffer a significant loss in support, as it barely crossed the electoral threshold, winning only two seats.


Ta'al was formed in 1995 by by Ahmad Tibi. The party did not run for the 14th Knesset, but joined forces with Balad in 1999, prior to the 15th Knesset. Tibi and Ta'al desolved the partnership in late 1999, as Ta'al joined forces with another Arab party, Hadash, prior to the 2003 general elections, allowing Tibi to remain a Knesset member.


Ra'am and Ta'al decided to merge prior to the 2006 general elections, running in a joint list under Ta'al's name. The two won four seats.


Main platform:  

  • Ta'al calls for an end to the Israeli occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, as well as the evacuation of all settlements and of the Golan Heights.


  • The party calls for an end to the expropriation of Palestinian land and the razing of homes, and wishes to end the plans for boosting Jerusalem's Jewish character.


  • Ta'al supports guarantying the right of return to Palestinian refugees in accordance with international decisions and the Palestinian consensus, and seeks the release of Palestinian and Arab prisoners.


  • The party wants Israeli Arabs to be recognized as a national minority and be awarded more rights. The party demands the dismantlement of weapons of mass destruction in the world in general and in Israel in particular.


  • Ta'al backs the formulation of a constitution that would recognize Israeli Arabs as a national minority. The party rejects the recruitment of Arabs to the IDF and wants equal representation for Arabs at State institutes.


  • The party also backs a boost in the status of women in all areas and the payment of allowances to all Israeli Arabs without discrimination as is the case with Jews. The party also wants gaps in education be minimized and calls for the establishment of an Arabic university.


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