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UN Security Council won't condemn Israel

Senior Israeli officials say Libya, Council's chair this month, has decided to withdraw its demand to denounce Jewish state over siege imposed on Gaza Strip. Foreign Minister Livni expresses her satisfaction over move, says 'Israel should not have to apologize for actions aimed at defending its citizens'

The United Nations Security Council will not discuss the proposal to condemn Israel over the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by the Jewish state, following an adamant battle held by the Israeli delegation to the UN and backed by the United States.


Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni expressed her satisfaction over the move.


Senior diplomatic sources in Jerusalem said Tuesday that Libya had withdrawn its condemnation proposal which it has been advancing over the past two weeks, after Israel opposed any negotiations on the wording of such a proposal.


Sources in Livni's office said that Israel's insistence, backed by the US, was what caused Libya, the Security Council's chair this month, to go back on its demand that the discussion be held.


According to the Israeli sources, the failure to hold a special Security Council session on the matter will prevent a condemnation statement.


At first the Arab states demanded a one-sided condemnation against Israel on the backdrops of its operations in Gaza. Libya and other Arab countries claimed that the blockade imposed by the Jewish state was causing a severe humanitarian crisis.


The international community, however, responded by demanding that the rocket attacks on Israel be denounced as well.


Foreign Minister Livni instructed the Israeli delegation not to enter negotiation on the resolution's wording. Despite additional attempts by Libya to hold such talks, the Jewish state refused to compromise and was backed by the US.


Foreign Ministry officials welcomed the Israeli achievement, estimating that this would not prevent a discussion on the matter by the UN General Assembly.


Livni said Tuesday evening, "I am very satisfied with the Security Council's decision not to hold a discussion on this issue, despite Libya's efforts to condemn Israel forcibly. Israel should not have to apologize for actions aimed at defending its citizens, who are being attacked by missiles."


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