Reproduction: Tsafrir Abayov
Alona Avraham – finally laid to rest in Israel
Reproduction: Tsafrir Abayov

September 11 victim laid to rest

Remains of Alona Avraham, who died onboard United Airlines flight, identified using DNA samples

On Thursday, six year after the September 11 attacks, the remains of Ashdod resident Alona Avraham were laid to rest. Avraham was among the passengers onboard United Airlines flight 175, which crushed into the southern tower of the World Trade Center.


Alona's mother, Miriam, said that she was informed about a month and a half ago that the remains of her daughter were apparently identified using DNA samples taken from relatives.


"I asked that this story not be published until her remains are brought here, because we are exhausted," she said. "We are tired, and the conversation alone took me back six years, and therefore we preferred to wait until her remains arrive in Israel and only then inform everyone."


The remains were flown in from the United States and reached Israel today, inside a box placed on a stretcher and draped in an American flag. Hundreds of people took part in the funeral, including the relatives of other Israelis who perished in the September 11 attacks.


Ashdod's Mayor Zvi Zilker also took part in the funeral and eulogized Avraham.


'At least now we have a grave'

Alona Avraham's mother said it was one of the most difficult days of her life: "We sat shiva back then already, and today we were told we need to sit for an hour."


"Throughout the day, relatives and friends were coming in, and this really takes us back to that terrible day, when we waited until two at night to find out what happened to her," said the mother. "We didn't really know if she was killed and we shifted from hope to despair."


However, Miriam Avraham said that burying her daughter's remains does bring some closure: "Every time I would go to the cemetery I would go to my mother's and father's grave, but my daughter had no grave…now at least we have a place where we can pray and visit her."


Alona Avraham completed her MBA studies and her family says she had many plans. She flew to the US and boarded flight 175 from Boston, which crashed into the Twin Towers.


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