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Knesset bans smoking at all IDF bases
Amendment to Anti Smoking Law passes second, third reading in Knesset; prohibits smoking in all military bases, police stations, Israel Prison Service and other security facilities. 'This is a true revolution,' says MK Hasson

The Knesset plenum approved Tuesday an amendment to the Anti Smoking Law, prohibiting smoking in all IDF, police and Israel Prison Service facilities.


The bill passed its second and third readings with 11 MKs voting in favor and one MK – Moshe Sharoni (Pensioners Party) – voting against.


The amendment further stated that all security forces will have to set clear guidelines regarding the law's enforcement.


"The Knesset essentially replicated the civil Anti Smoking Law to apply to military bases, police stations and prison facilities," said the amendment's initiator MK Yoel Hasson (Kadima).


'It's a foolish law'

"Many young people take up smoking during their military service – the new law bans smoking at IDF classes, dining halls and any other indoor public facilities. Soldiers may choose to smoke in their quarters and around the base, but nowhere indoors."


"This is a true revolution," continued Hasson. "This amendment will truly change smoking norms in Israel… since the Anti Smoking Law was approved, cigarette sales dropped by 12%, so in my opinion this is a vital, life-saving law."


MK Sharoni, who was the only MK who objected to the amendment, told Ynet that "being a smoker myself I could not vote against my conscience."


"I have no problem with soldiers smoking and believe me, no one will be able to enforce this law in IDF bases," added Sharoni. "It's a foolish law. What are they going to do – create a special police force to give tickets for smoking on base? Or maybe Yoel Hasson wants to enforce it personally?"


First published: 02.19.08, 17:55
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