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Still a mystery. Hever
Photo: Yedioth Ahronoth archive

Guy Hever

Guy Hever, a soldier with theIsraeli Defense Forces Armored Corps, disappeared in the Golan Heights on August 17, 1997.


He was last seen at his army base at 9:30 am the morning of his disappearance, and never heard from again.


According to the evidence gathered in the case, Hever went missing while wearing his IDF uniform, military ID, and dog tags and armed with his service issue Galil rifle.


Prior to his disappearance, Hever was sentenced to 21 days confinement for falling asleep during guard duty, which led to several speculations in his case, including the assumptions that he decided to leave the base without authorization and go into hiding – effectively going AWAL.


Another assumption was that he committed suicide as a result of his court martial.


Hever's family battled the IDF for three years before military authorities declared Hever missing in action, and subsequently began exploring the possibility of him being taken to Syria. The family still blames the IDF for concealing information prudent to the case.


In 2006, the Born to Freedom Foundation offered a $10 million reward for any information leading to Hever's recovery. The family has offered an additional $140,000 reward.


In early 2007, a Syrian group named the Resistance Committees for the Liberation of the Golan Heights, claimed it was holding Hever captive.


The group offered a prisoner-swap, demanding Israel release nine Syrian prisoners held in Israel. The security establishment reportedly investigated the report, to no avail.


Since Hever's disappearance, Israel has made many efforts to obtain information regarding his fate, on both defense and diplomatic levels in Israel and abroad, including involving Red Cross and the UN officials in what has become an extensive search mission.


To date, all efforts to find out what has become of Guy Hever have been in vain.


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