Soldiers in Nablus (Archive photo)
Photo: Reuters
IDF nabs senior PFLP member in Nablus
Majdi Mabruk was behind several suicide and shooting attacks against Israel targets, security officials say. During arrest terrorist was in possession of an M-16 assault rifle, a hand grenade and 15 bullet cartridges

IDF forces operating in the West Bank during the early hours of Saturday morning apprehended a senior member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in the Nablus refugee camp of Ein Bet Ilmeh. He was taken in for questioning by security personnel.


According to army sources, during his arrest Majdi Mabruk was in possession of an M-16 assault rifle with a telescopic lens, a hand grenade and 15 bullet cartridges.


During the activity Palestinian gunmen opened fire at the soldiers several times, but no injuries were reported. The soldiers returned fire.


Officials in the security establishment said Mabruk, 30, was involved in planning suicide attacks against targets in Israel and was also behind a number of shooting attacks against army forces in the area.


According to the officials, the senior PFLP member operated out of Nablus in cooperation with Hamas' armed wing, recruited terrorists from nearby villages and provided them with weapons, explosives and ammunition.


In another incident early Saturday, IDF soldiers manning the Bekaot checkpoint north of Jericho apprehended a Palestinian after finding a 25-centimetrer (about 10 inches) knife during a search of his belongings.


The knife was confiscated and the man was taken in for questioning.


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