Israeli Neo-Nazis
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New legisaltions bans Nazi rallies
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Nazism and racism outlawed in Israel

New law approved by Knesset maintains supporting, advocating Nazism or racism or holding such rallies to be considered a criminal offense. ‘Israel never instated such legislation, because never did it think it necessary,’ says bill's initiator, MK Gafni

Neo-Nazism have been outlawed in Israel . The Knesset on Monday approved in a second and third reading a new bill stating that holding Neo-Nazi rallies in Israel is to be considered a criminal offense.


According to the newly instated law, advocating, supporting, or rallying for either Nazi or racist principles will now be deemed illegal in Israel.


The newly approved bill was first proposed by MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism). Gafni had initially wanted to include only Nazi ideology in the bill, but later expanded it to include all and any racist principles.


“Israel never outlawed Nazi rallies, because no one in their darkest, wildest dreams imagined that this would be a necessary course of action,” said Gafni.


“Lately, however, we have seen a surge in such Neo-Nazi gatherings, and so this legislation became necessary,” said Gafni.


“I also included the whole notion of racism in the bill, seeing as the Knesset Constitutional Committee felt this would send a very powerful message, especially as Israel has signed several international conventions on this matter.”


MK David Rotem (Yisrael Beiteinu) filed a query to this bill, mainly due to the equation of Nazism with other forms of racism.


“I think Nazism is a uniquely heinous phenomenon, and the Knesset ought to address it separately. We can’t equate Nazism with other forms of racism. Even if one opposes racism, it is clearly evident that racism is one thing, while Nazism is an entirely different phenomenon," he said.


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