Iran: New sanctions futile
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Iran calls Security Council debates on its nuclear program 'futile'

Tehran calls new UN Security Council debates on its nuclear program ‘futile’ and ‘pointless’, says they will undermine rather than enhance international security

Tehran on Saturday called illegal and  "futile" UN Security Council debates for new sanctions  against Iran, saying sanctions would undermine, not  strengthen, global security.


The US Push for a third round of sanctions against Iran  is an "exercise in futility," said government spokesman  Gholam Hossein Elham. He made the remarks after Britain and France delayed a Security Council vote on new sanctions against Iran until  Monday to try to get more support for the resolution.


The two countries are co-sponsoring the resolution that would impose a third round of sanctions on Iran for refusing to halt uranium enrichment.


Iran says a report released by the UN International  Atomic Energy Agency last week has vindicated Iran's  nuclear program and left no justification for any Security Council sanctions.


"The Security Council's re-entry into (Iran's) nuclear issue lacks legal justification," Elham told a press  conference Saturday. "Any action (new sanctions against  Iran) will be a violation of the Security Council's philosophy of existence and a violation of the charter of  the United Nations."


Iran has rejected two previous Security Council resolutions as "Illegal", Saying it will never give up its right under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to enrich uranium and produce nuclear fuel.


The 11-page report by the International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei last week said all major past issues surrounding Iran's nuclear activities had been fully resolved or are "no longer outstanding at this stage," repeatedly saying the IAEA's findings are consistent with information available to the agency and explanations provided by Iran.


The US, However, said the report actually strengthens  the case for additional sanctions because it also says Iran  failed to heed Security Council demands to halt uranium  enrichment. "Given the IAEA report, Security Council debates are nothing but a pretext and hostility towards Iran. It shows  they (the US And its allies) are opposed to Iran's scientific development," Elham told reporters.


Elham insisted Iran will "Not trade its independence at  any price", Insisting that Iran will not give in to

Security Council demands to halt uranium enrichment. Iran insists its enrichment activities are intended only for peaceful civilian purposes, but the US, The European Union and others suspect its real aim is to produce atomic weapons.


The draft Security Council resolution would expand travel  restrictions and the freezing of assets to more Iranian  officials linked to the nuclear effort. It also would ban  trade with Iran in goods which have both civilian and  military uses and introduce financial monitoring on two  banks with suspected links to proliferation activities.


The resolution also would authorize inspections of  shipments to and from Iran that are suspected of carrying  prohibited goods. 


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