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Poll: More Americans are pro-Israeli

New Gallup survey reveals Israel is one of five countries Americans feel most favorably about; Palestinian Authority ranks near bottom along with Iran, North Korea

WASHINGTON - Americans are decidedly more pro-Israeli these days, at least according to a new poll published on Thursday by the Gallup Organization. Gallup’s survey data revealed that 71% of Americans look favorably upon the State of Israel, a rise of some 8% from last year’s figures.


These figures represent an all-time high in terms of support for Israel, rivaled only by data compiled during the first Gulf War in 1991, when a staggering 79% of Americans polled indicated that they support the State of Israel. This was in large part due to the restraint exhibited by Israel in contending with repeated Scud missile attacks from Iraq on its civilian centers.


The newly released Gallup data also indicated that older Americans tend to be more pro-Israeli in their views. Support for Israel among Americans 35-54 years old stood at 74%, while 72% of Americans 55 year-old and above indicated that they looked favorably upon Israel. Among Americans between the ages of 18-34, support for Israel stood at only 65%.


Republicans, revealed the Gallup data, are emphatically more pro-Israeli in their views than their Democratic counterparts. A staggering 84% of Republicans indicated that they supported the State of Israel, as compared to only 64% of Democrats.


In respect to the Palestinian Authority, only a measly 16% of Democratic Party voters, and 15% of Republicans indicated that they looked favorably upon the PA.


Which countries are Americans most partial to? The Gallup poll, which asked respondents to rank their attitude regarding 22 countries worldwide, revealed that while Israel and France have made the greatest strides with the American public, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan are most popular with Americans, with an approval rating of nearly 80%.


Conversely, Iraq, the Palestinian Authority, Iran and North Korea are least popular with the American public, with only 20% of Americans indicating that they support these countries.


Palestinian Authority frowned upon

The Gallup data revealed that Americans look favorably upon 10 countries in total world wide. Israel was fifth among them, with an approval rating of 71% overall. First on this list was Canada with an approval rating of 92%, followed by the United Kingdom (89% approval), Germany (82%), and Japan (82%).


Following Israel on this list are India and France with a 69% approval rating, Egypt with an approval rating of 62%, South Korea with a 60% approval rating, and finally Mexico with a 58% approval rating.


The American public, conversely, harbors a strong dislike for ten countries worldwide, Iran and North Korea chief among them with only an 8% and 12& approval rating respectively among the American public.


The Palestinian Authority is also decidedly unpopular with the American public, with only 14% of Americans stating that they supported the PA.


Israel’s Ambassador to Washington Salai Meridor, said in response to the Gallup data that “this is yet another indication of the strong bond shared by Israel and the American people.


The friendship between our two countries is especially critical now at days as both our countries wage a prolonged and drawn out battle against terror.”


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