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The cantor and the sex tape

Uproar in ultra-Orthodox community: Who tired to extort renowned cantor in order to take over his position at synagogue?

A cantor, a seductive blonde woman and a steamy sexual encounter in a luxury hotel. These are the tantalizing components of a scandalous new sex tape causing a major uproar in the ultra-Orthodox community in recent days.


To add more fuel to this smoldering scandal, police officials suspect that the tape in question is nothing more that an elaborate extortion ploy by the cantor’s opponents, designed to force him to resign his coveted post.


The sordid affair began several months ago, when a major dispute broke out between the cantor and several congregants at the synagogue. The congregants accused the cantor of engaging in extramarital affairs, and sought to have him replaced with a Tel Aviv resident who was their close friend.


The congregants approached the cantor and demanded that he resign or they would publicize his illicit deeds. The cantor adamantly refused, and so the congregants decided to set up their own little sting operation. They hired a private investigator, who in turn acquired the services of a young woman to tempt the cantor.


The woman told the cantor that she was a university student researching the cantor’s role in the religious community. The two spoke for as while before retreating to a hotel room for an illicit rendezvous.


What the cantor did not know was that there were cameras strategically placed throughout the hotel room capturing his indiscretions. Congregants now had their very own sex-tape, which they promptly sent to senior haredi officials, demanding that the cantor be fired.


The plot thickens

Time passed, and nothing further seemed to happen. Here, however, is where the plot thickens. The police attained the cantor’s sex tape during an International Crimes Unit raid on the private investigator’s office, though they had no prior knowledge of the lavish extortion scheme surrounding it.


The cantor admitted to the affair, but told police that he was extorted by parties in the haredi community after being taped without his knowledge. The private investigator involved was also questioned by police under warning, but maintained that he was merely doing his job in a legal fashion, seeing as both the cantor and the woman involved were acting of their own free will.


The suspects involved in orchestrating this ‘sting operation’ were also questioned, and asserted that they were trying to expose the corruption rampant in the haredi community. The cantor purported to be an honest man, they said, and they were merely trying to publicly expose his true colors.


Police investigator sent the tape to the prosecutor’s office following their investigation in order to determine whether any of the parties involved will stand trial. In the meantime, this entire sordid tale has caused a major upheaval and uproar in central Israel’s haredi community. Needless to say, the steamy sex tape is all anyone can talk about in the cantor’s synagogue and community.


Source close to the cantor in question stated that he is under a great deal of stress, and the contributors to the synagogue are now considering whether or not to continue sponsoring the institution.


“He was entrapped and extorted, that much is certain,” said an American haredi source affiliated with the synagogue.


“The institution in question is handling this matter with the utmost earnestness as we speak, and the cantor in question is still employed at the synagogue until this matter is investigated further.” 


Oron Meiri contributed to this article  


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