Livni and McCain
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McCain says believes Abbas

Republican candidate for US president visits Western Wall in Jerusalem. Palestinian president wants to advance peace process and does not support what is happening in Gaza, he tells Foreign Minister Livni

Senator John McCain, the Republican candidate for president of the United States visited the West Wall in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning and met with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.


A person who visits the Western Wall and has been to Yad Vashem understands the Jewish people's deep connection to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, McCain said, adding that history provided different aspects in terms of the Jewish people's conflict.


Accompanied by two other senators, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham, McCain was briefed on the deterioration in the security situation.


I believe that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants to advance the diplomatic process and does not support what is taking place in the Gaza Strip, McCain told Livni, adding that the American government was committed to stop the violence.


Senator Lieberman said, "Today we are the target of those radical Islamic elements, and together we can overcome them."


Senator Graham of South Carolina warned that within one year the Iraqi people would unite to reject al-Qaeda. "They are advancing politically and economically in order to build a new Iraq. I hope we can create this momentum here as well."


In the Middle East if you don’t move forward you take a step backwards, Senator Graham added.


"Below the surface Hamas is becoming stronger," Livni told her guests, clarifying that "a so-called calm on the short run, which will increase the danger in the future, is unacceptable."

Senators at the Western Wall (Photo: Dudi Vaaknin)


In terms of the battles against Iran, Iraq and Hizbullah as well, according to the foreign minister, "This is a critical hour. The entire world is watching the war against the radicals and we must not show weakness."


Livni made three demands which must be maintained in the face of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip: A cessation of the rocket fire, preventing Hamas from getting stronger and foiling the establishment of a radical Islamic regime on the other side of the fence.


"Hamas must not get legitimization and a situation in which the Palestinians and the entire Arab world perceive a certain reality as a Hamas victory cannot take place. All options for an operation are on the table in regards to this issue," she added.


Neta Sela contributed to this report


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