Photo: Niv Calderon
Miki Goldwasser on backdrop of captives' pictures (archives)
Photo: Niv Calderon

Captive's mother: Olmert causing 3 more Ron Arads

Miki Goldwasser, whose son was kidnapped by Hizbullah in July 2006, harshly criticizes prime minister during Hebrew University Conference. 'He wishes to be portrayed as someone who wants to release the abductees without paying a price,' she says

Abandoning our sons is easier than paying a heavy price for their release, Miki Goldwasser said Monday in a direct attack on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.


Goldwasser, whose son Ehud was kidnapped by Hizbullah in July 2006 along with fellow reserve soldier Eldad Regev, told a conference at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem that "Olmert wishes to be portrayed as someone who did not pay a heavy price for the abductees, but will remembered eternally as the person who created three more Ron Arad cases."


In the conference, aimed at recruiting volunteers for PR activities in regards to the kidnapped soldiers, Goldwasser continued to blast the prime minister.


"Today I found out that the Knesset and the government are taking a break of a month and a half, so who will deal with the captives' issue?" she asked, mentioning a pervious remark made by Olmert: "There was someone who said in the past, 'Never mind, let them sit there another day or two.'"


Goldwasser went on to slam the claim that a heavy price for the abductees would encourage additional kidnappings, noting that the abductions continued after the Ron Arad incident as well.


"Israel's government, if you do not wish to pay with prisoners and free our sons, you should have completed the deal before leaving Lebanon," the kidnapped soldier's mother said.


"However, you chose to abandon the sons. Simply abandoning them was easier than being firm. And now you do not wish to pay the price of your fall. Suddenly you are 'determined men'!


"I am under the impression that Israel is collecting wanted people. I wonder, it almost seems like a forced transfer of the Palestinians. They are being moved to live inside Israel against their will, in much better conditions than they had before, with the possibility of creating a brainwash within the prison.


"Israel is guarding them so tightly that it refuses to trade them with three Israeli soldiers kidnapped while serving the State. Can you comprehend this? I can't."


'Young people losing their patience'

The university conference was organized by Ehud Goldwasser's friends, who have recently launched a series of activities aimed at exerting pressure on the political arena to work for the captives' release.


"They are holding vigorous activities, both in order to exert pressure and to recruit additional activities. The young people are simply losing their patience as time goes by and the sons are not returned," Goldwasser said.


Last week, the father of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit said that "Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who declared that it was his job to bring about the kidnapped soldiers' release, remains hesitant and is delaying decisions on the matter."


"Why should Gilad be the only sucker to pay the price?" Noam Shalit told a solidarity rally held at Bar-Ilan University organized by the Students' Union.


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