Ahmadinejad. Keeping an eye on Israel
Photo: AP
Iran: Arabs must closely watch Israeli drill
Spokesman for Iranian Foreign Ministry says Israel's 'provocative actions' should be brought to the attention of international community

"The states of the region must closely watch the Israeli drill. These provocative actions should be brought to the attention of the relevant officials in the international community," an Iranian official said Monday referring to the nationwide home front maneuver being held by Israel this week.


According to Mohammad Ali Hosseini, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, "These actions are aimed at boosting the morale of the Israeli commanders and their soldiers."


Hosseini also claimed that the drill was a direct result of US Vice President Dick Cheney's recent visit to the Mideast. "Unfortunately, after every visit of senior American officials in the region and the occupied territories we witness similar actions by the Zionist regime."


The drill, which opened Sunday, is scheduled to be held throughout the week.


The IDF, on its part, has been attempting to alleviate concerns regarding the exercise among its neighbors. Lebanese daily As-Safir on Saturday quoted diplomatic sources in New York as saying that Israel has asked UNIFIL to inform the Lebanese government that the military exercise will not threaten Lebanon or Hizbullah and that "it will not include the border region".


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