Nahal Oz fuel terminal
Photo: Tsafrir Abayov
Who’s in charge of Nahal Oz security?
Deadly shooting attack at Nahal Oz leads both IDF, energy company which runs fuel terminal on site, to blame the other for lax security
As the investigation into Wednesday’s deadly shooting attack at the Nahal Oz  fuel terminal continues, an IDF official stated Thursday that the Dor Alon Energy Company, which runs the fuel terminal at the site , refused to post security guards to secure its facility, presumably in order to save money. Other civilian companies which operate at Gaza border crossings, stated the military source, employ security officers to secure and protect their sites.


A Dor Alon representative, conversely, stated that the fuel terminal in question is a military facility and it is therefore the IDF’s responsibility to secure it.


According to an IDF official, Dor Alon was informed that the army would secure the facility in case of attack, and offer peripheral protection for the site, but that this is no substitute for on-site security guards which ought to serve as the “first line of defense” for Dor Alon’s fuel tanker drivers.


“The IDF secures all Gaza border crossing,” stated a military official, “and provides both intelligence and military backup during terror attacks. However, civilian companies must post their own security personnel at border crossing sites, as they can offer more immediate assistance during emergencies. Security officers have proven to be highly effective during terror attacks in taking immediate action, which the IDF can then follow up by pursuing the gunmen in question and taking further military action.”


The IDF continues to investigate Wednesday’s shooting attack at Nahal Oz, which remains closed Thursday, cutting off fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip. The nearby Karni border crossing, through which wheat and other essential goods enter the Gaza Strip, also remained closed Thursday. The Kerem Shalom and Sufa crossings remained open, however, allowing food and other goods into Gaza. The Erez border crossing also remained open, allowing sick and wounded Palestinians into Israel for treatment.


Dor Alon representatives stated that the company acted in accordance with all Security Ministry regulations and provisions, erecting security fences around the facility as well as concrete safe rooms on the site. “Instead of focusing on the fact that a military site was infiltrated, “said the representative, “the IDF is casting blame in our direction by focusing on the lack of civilian security at the instillation.”


The fuel terminal, maintains Dor Alon, is located within a military site and the IDF, essentially, is asking for civilian security for a military instillation. 


Roni Gal contributed to this article


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