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Sheetrit. No point in ammendment
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Shas: We'll defy gov't on 'Passover Law'

Shas' request to discuss 'Passover law' doesn't enter weekly cabinet meeting. Shocked by court ruling, haredim appeal for quick amendment of law

Shas continues to jeopardize the government's stability. Party Chairman Eli Yishai said Sunday, "We will fight to advance 'the Passover Law' amendment without delay, even if it's against government wishes."


The party expressed its discontent with the cabinet meeting failing to discuss their proposal to amend 'the Passover Law', after a Jerusalem court ruling has permitted the sale of leavened goods during Passover.


A Jerusalem Municipal Court Judge decreed last week that the indictments against four restaurant owners charged with selling bread and leavened goods on Passover be scrapped.


In her verdict, the judge ruled that, by law, a store or restaurant is not deemed a ‘public place’ because, unlike an open market, it is a closed off arena that cannot be seen by passersby.


Shocked by the court ruling, Shas tried to appeal for a quick amendment of the law.


According to Minister of Religious Affairs, Yitzhak Cohen, an appeal to amend the law was submitted for discussion according to procedures. However, a senior source at the PM's office explained that the proposal was submitted later than required and was therefore not discussed.


However, most MKs principally object to another religious legislation that will ban stores, restaurants and private venues from selling leavened goods during Passover. The MKs' objection may be backed up by the formal argument that the proposal was not submitted on time.


Yishai asserted: "We will fight for Israel, even if the government chooses to overlook the law. The people of Israel know that abstaining from leavened foods has protected them during the Diaspora, even if a political minority expresses negligible opinions aimed at shaking the Jewish nation's foundations.


"Despite the attempt made by some parties to represent approaches the Jewish people object to, the public will ignore the court's unfounded ruling and the new amendment will be passed."


'We're no officers of God'

Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit said in response that "there is no point in amending the law," since the court has already ruled on the matter. According to him, "the idea of backing up 'the Passover Law' by another one is inappropriate. We're no officers of God; nobody has ever actually enforced this law. Now that the Jerusalem Municipal Court acquitted those who have sold leavened goods, there's no point in delving into the matter."


Shas MK Yitzhak Cohen said in the meeting's opening, "I have not received any explanation as to why this was not elected for discussion. However, I am not trying to threaten – I am merely stating that over 85% of the Israeli public supports not selling leavened goods during Passover, among which are many MKs, including MinisterTzipi Livni and Minister Yuli Tamir.




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