Egyptian forces on Gaza border (Archive)
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Olmert: Israel preparing for breaching of Rafah border

Prime minister tells Ynet IDF prepares for possible attempt by Palestinians to break through border with Egypt or breach Israel border. 'I'm not concerned, but I remain vigilant,' he states

Israel is preparing for the possibility that Hamas will again try to breach the border between Gaza and Egypt, or even try to break through the border with Israel, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Ynet Tuesday.


"I'm not concerned, but I remain vigilant, always vigilant," Olmert added.


During a tour of the Adulam region, the prime minister stated in reply to a Ynet question on the subject: "We are aware of what goes on there and are watching the developments closely.


"We are coordinated on this with the Egyptians, and are also prepared for the possibility that Hamas will try to breach the border with Israel."


Olmert during tour. 'Always vigilant' (Photo: Reuters)


Political sources in Jerusalem said that the IDF's Southern Command was gearing up for a possible attempt by Hamas to direct thousands of Palestinians at the fence between Gaza and the western Negev.


However, the greatest concern, according to the officials, was over another attempt to breach the Egypt border. The officials said that Cairo has already warned Hamas against any such action.


Meanwhile, security officials told Ynet that while Israel was indeed preparing for such a scenario, it did not currently seem like a plausible threat.


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