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Rightists 'fix' flag ahead of Israel’s 60

SOS Israel redesigns Israeli flag to display country’s destruction as it protests government policy ‘offering us for slaughter.’ Star of David is replaced by Neve Dkalim hesder yeshiva after Gaza pullout

On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day and a week before Israel’s 60th Independence Day celebrations, the rightists have decided to redesign the Israeli flag. The blue stripes are to remain, but instead of the Star of David, they’ve inserted the Neve Dkalim hesder yeshiva, as it appeared after the Palestinians had destroyed it following the disengagement.


Above the new design created by artist Aharon Shabo, is the festive inscription “60 Years to the State of Israel,” and below it: “The destruction of 35 years of settlement in Gush Katif.”


The people behind this new design initiative are SOS Israel activists who said that the decision to redesign the flag was made following the great crisis in the Right, and the government’s intentions to continue the withdrawals as well as Jerusalem’s division.


The new flag will be distributed throughout the country also as memorial stamps with the inscription: “We shall not forget and we shall not forgive.”

The redesigned flag (Photo: SOS Israel)


The head of SOS Israel, Rabbi Sholom Dov Wolpe, told ynet: “We have decided to mark Israel’s 60th years of existence in the great destruction these years have inflicted upon the nation of Israel together with the Hamas, Hizbullah and al-Qaeda. Anyone interested in seeing the crime of expulsion and destruction unrepeated must stop and say ‘that’s it, no more’.”


A photo of the new flag appears in the “Our Israel” magazine, to be widely distributed in synagogues starting Friday. The main article in the magazine is an interview with Prof. Hillel Weiss, who calls on Israelis to not celebrate Independence Day customarily, and not display the country’s flag due to the government’s intentions to give up more land.


“The situation is far worse today than it was on the eve of the Six Day War,” Weiss said. “The Egyptians are involved in Gaza as well as al-Qaeda and the Hamas, who are trying to break in. A town in Israel has been destroyed over the last eight years, its residents becoming scattered refugees. Its neighboring cities of Ashkelon, Netivot and Kiryat Gat are trampled. We are under rocket threat from south to center.”


Weiss concludes by mentioning the US as a partner in Israel’s destruction: “The US president together with his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, are coming to collect their due share while the government offers us for slaughter.”


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