Mazuz: No stance on suspension
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Olmert. 'Problematic situation'
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Mazuz: Olmert's suspension not being discussed
Attorney general responds to publications on new investigation against PM, rejects claims of Justice Ministry's stance as to his suspension from office. PM's office: No additional questioning sessions scheduled for coming week

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz said Saturday that no debate on the subject of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's investigation has included talks about his suspension from office. On Friday morning Olmert underwent police questioning, after which the investigating team headed to the State Prosecutor's Office for consultation. 


"Following the reports that insinuate that the Justice Ministry has taken a stance on the matter of the continuation of the prime minister's serving in office due to the new investigation against him, we would like to say that the subject has not been raised, discussed, or mentioned in any formal debate, and in any case no position has been taken at so early a stage," Mazuz said in a statement.


Mazuz's statement followed reports that were released during the weekend, which said that the prime minister will soon face new and serious charges. "The investigation places Olmert in a problematic situation," a senior legal source told Ynet.


He added that "should the suspicions prove to be true or should the police come up with solid evidence, I doubt whether the prime minister will be able to remain in office." Another source involved in the investigation told Ynet, "This is a serious affair and a dramatic development."


Knesset Member Amir Peretz (Labor) said Saturday that politicians should not be involved in the investigation. "We should leave the task to those in charge, and the politicians should keep quiet. We should wait patiently and see if there is any substance to the investigation," he said in a statement perceived as supporting Olmert.


According to sources in Olmert's office, no additional questioning sessions were scheduled for the prime minister in the coming week.


One of the sources told Ynet, "What is happening to prime minister is unbelievable. He and Kadima were expected to surpass the Labor Party in the next poll. This (investigation) is the last thing he needed."


Meanwhile, a Kadima official said the party must not jump to conclusions or overreact. "This whole affair is an embarrassment, but we shouldn't make any noise for the time being," he said.


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