Ali Hosseini
Photo: Reuters
Iran blames Israel, US for Lebanon crisis
Spokesman for Iranian Foreign Ministry says 'US, Zionist regime fuelling tensions in Lebanon'
A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry blamed Israel and the US for fueling tensions in Lebanon, Iranian news agency FARS reported.


According to Spokesman Muhammad Ali Hosseini, "The efforts and adventurous intervention of the US and the Zionist regime are the main cause for the ongoing chaotic situation in Lebanon."


Ali Hosseini added, "Ever since they failed to obtain their objectives in the Second Lebanon War, they have focused on Lebanon's independence, sovereignty and unity out of revenge.


"Part of the political conspiracy we have warned of… has been carried out," he stated.


Ali Hosseini also expressed hope that "those responsible for this situation in Lebanon will invest the necessary efforts to restore order and stability in the country."


He also pledged that Iran would invest "tireless efforts" to help the rivaling factions reach an understanding


First published: 05.09.08, 21:02
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