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Obama. Not far behind
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McCain. Enjoys rise in Jewish support
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Poll: US Jews prefer Clinton

New Gallup survey says 66% of American Jews will vote for former first lady should she be elected to compete against John McCain in presidential elections

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton is the most popular US candidate for president of the United States among Jewish voters, according to a new Gallup poll. Clinton's Democratic rival, Barack Obama, is not far behind.


Republican candidate John McCain will receive more Jewish votes than US President George W. Bush got four years ago, the poll said, but most Jews will remain loyal to the Democratic candidate.


The survey, which was released after the primary elections in North Carolina and Indiana, states that 50% of the Jewish Democratic voters prefer Clinton, compared to 43% who declared their support for Obama.


According to the poll, if the former first lady competes against the Republican candidate in the November 4 presidential elections, 66% of American Jews will vote for Clinton, compared to 27% who will vote for McCain.


If Obama competes against the Republican candidate, he will receive 61% of the Jewish votes compared to 32% which will go to McCain.


Rise in Jews' support for Republican candidate

The poll also points to a slow but ongoing drop in the Jews' support for the Democratic candidate. In 2004, Democratic candidate John Kerry received the support of 75% of American Jews, compared to 25% who gave their vote to Bush.


Despite Bush's great support for Israel, US Jews strongly oppose the war in Iraq and its outcomes. The Republican Jewish Coalition states, however, that the Jewish support for republican candidates has gradually grown since 1992.


In the 1992 presidential elections, in which Bill Clinton was elected, only 10% of the Jews voted for former US President George Bush Sr. In 1996, Clinton was elected once again, and more than 16% of the Jews gave their vote to Bob Dole. In 2000, George W. Bush got 19% of the Jewish vote, while Al Gore received 81%, and in 2004 the Jewish support for Bush rose to 25%.


McCain hopes to gain the support of Jews in New York, New Jersey and Florida, who are fearful of Obama's attitude towards Israel. McCain is supported by Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who ran for vice president as a Democrat in 2000, but has served as an independent senator since 2006.


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