McCain – smear campaign?
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Obama, McCain in Hamas row
McCain slams Obama over supportive words from Hamas; Democratic candidate 'insulted'
WASHINGTON – Presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama are continuing to clash over recent remarks by a Hamas spokesperson that expressed support for the Democratic candidate.


Ahmed Yusuf declared that Hamas "loves" Obama and hopes to see the Democratic candidate win the presidential elections. The Hamas spokesman
added that Obama is a "great man" similar to John Kennedy and that he can change America and lead the world without arrogance.


McCain's campaign took advantage of the comments and in a letter to potential donors wrote that "we need change in America, but not the kind of change that wins kind words from Hamas." Meanwhile, the Republican candidate has made sure to emphasize that he will be Hamas' worst nightmare in every appearance he has been making as of late. Speaking in New Jersey Wednesday, he said it was clear who Hamas wanted to be the next president.


Obama responded to McCain's charges in an interview with CNN, saying that McCain's words were "insulting" and "disappointing." He charged that McCain was trying to "smear" him and that he was "losing his bearings." The Democratic candidate also said that his policy on Hamas was no different than McCain's.


Meanwhile, Obama is concentrating his efforts on convincing Democratic Party super delegates to back his presidential bid, as signs grow that Hillary Clinton will soon quit the rice.


The latest indication was a declaration made by Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who is close to both Obama and Clinton, that Barack Obama will be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.


First published: 05.10.08, 18:10
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