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Female soldier. 'Forbidden!'
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Rabbi calls to abolish army service for women

Prominent Zionist-religious leader Rabbi Shlomo Aviner rules girls must not enlist in IDF, move that he claims goes against Torah laws. In wartime, women's duty is to support their men, he writes

Prominent Zionist-religious leader, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner called on young religious women not to enlist in the army, a move he defined as a violation of Torah laws.


In an open letter published in the Mayyaney Hayeshua movement's pamphlet this weekend, Aviner ruled that army service is forbidden for all women, and urged his female readers to act for its annulment.


"Never enlist in the army…ever," Aviner wrote, quoting a list of leading chief rabbis and religious leaders who have prohibited such service in the past. "It is forbidden! Forbidden like kashrut! Forbidden like Shabbat! And especially forbidden like modesty!"


The rabbi stressed that while contributing to the State is indeed important, one must not do so by serving in the army. The women's duty during war, he wrote, was to support the men who go to battle. Enlistment, on the other hand, is a desecration of God's name.


Instead of dedicating themselves to the challenges of military duty, Aviner offered girls to fight for abolishing "this negative phenomenon."


"We need you to function as a pure and clean woman… and not to undermine your mental foundation… remember: Army service for women, in any shape or form – is forbidden! Forbidden! Resist the temptation!" he concluded.


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