Noam Shalit. Sent letter to PM
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Gilad Shalit. 687 days in captivity
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Olmert. Will he accept offer?
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Noam Shalit: Gilad must be included in truce deal

Kidnapped IDF soldier's father says has not been briefed by government on possible ceasefire agreement with Hamas to be presented to Israel by Egyptian intelligence chief. 'As far as I know, Gilad is not included in the offer. This is inconceivable," he says

The father of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit said Monday that it was unthinkable that a truce agreement between Israel and Hamas would not include a deal for his son's release.


Noam Shalit sent a letter on the matter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni last week.


Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman's visit to Israel on Monday may lead to progress in terms of the Shalit issue, as Suleiman serves as the main contact with Hamas and the soldier's kidnappers.


"One of the questions we are dealing with during this visit is whether to bind Shalit's release with a truce agreement in Gaza. In the meantime, we don’t have an answer," a diplomatic-security official clarified Sunday.


"I am not being briefed on these matters, but from what I hear and know, Gilad is not included in the offer Omar Suleiman is bringing with him to Israel," Noam Shalit said.


"We must remember that this is not an agreement, but rather an offer the Egyptians are bringing and trying to market in Israel." Shalit added that Hamas had rejected the outline of a deal for Shalit's release indefinitely.


"It is iimpossible that there will be any agreement with Hamas which will not include Shalit. This is simply inconceivable," Shalit added.


Addressing the attempts made by his family's French lawyers to enter Gaza and meet with Hamas leaders, Shalit said he was unaware of any progress being made on the matter. On the eve of Independence Day, the attorneys met with Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai, who promised to help advance such a meeting.


Yishai, who held talks with Suleiman in Cairo eight months ago, will meet with the Egyptian intelligence chief on Monday. On Sunday, in a closed forum, he reiterated his stance that "I am ready to meet with any person, including top terrorists and the kidnappers themselves."


Gilad Shalit was kidnapped to the Gaza Strip 687 days ago.


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