On the house. Lag B'Omer bonfire (Archives)
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Tel Aviv Municipality to supply firewood for Lag B'Omer

City decides to fight annual pre-holiday plundering of construction sites' lumber by distributing castaway woods found in municipal dumpsite to anyone in need of celebratory kindling

The Tel Aviv Municipality has decided to try and put a stop to the wood pilfering plaguing the city's construction sites every year, around Lag B'Omer time.


The holiday's main tradition calls for lighting bonfires, and several weeks prior to the day itself, many children and teens "raid" construction sites looking for kindling. The mischief, however, usually results in considerable financial damage to the contractors.


In an attempt to try and avoid this year's firewood raid, the Tel Aviv Municipality announced Thursday that come Lag B'Omer day – next Thursday – it will operate three firewood distribution centers in the city: Near the Riding Terminal in the city's north; near the city's firehouse in Ibn Gvirol street and in the Yad Eliyhu neighborhood in the city's south.


"The Tel Aviv Municipality dumpsite receives several tons of construction waste a day," Shmuel Katschelnik, of the municipality's Beautification Department told Yedioth Ahronoth.


"The waste is separated according to its nature – metal, concrete, lumber etc, and while the metal and concrete are recycled, we can't recycle the lumber. Lag B'Omer will supply a wonderful use for it and will make the lives of both the construction companies and the children much easier," he said.


"We intend on transporting the mass quantities of lumber to three locations in the city, and anyone who needs firewood is welcome to come and get it." 


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