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A tale of 2 cities and no sex

Billboard company demands word 'sex' be removed from ads for new 'Sex and the City' film in Jerusalem, Petah Tikva; claim word offends certain populations. Forum Films: Simply ridiculous

Jerusalem and Petah Tikva are not into sex, or at least it appears that way from the demand made by the billboard company Maximedia, to the producers of the new film 'Sex and the City', scheduled to premier in Israel next week. The film will not be able to advertise as is in the two cities because, according to Maximedia, the population there is opposed to the printing of the word 'sex' on their billboards.


A spokesman for the production company Forum Films, Arye Barak, told Ynet that "this is simply ridiculous. The word 'sex' is part of the movie's title. What exactly are we supposed to do?"

The girls from 'Sex and the City' at London premier. (Photo: AFP)


This is not the first time such requests have been made. During the 'Spiderman' film campaign in 2002, the graphic designers of the movie's ads worked overtime on changing the posters that, according to the conservative populace, portrayed the two protagonists a little too close for comfort. Consequently the two were separated on the billboards.


In another case in 2006, Maximedia refused to advertise posters for the French film 'The Page Turner', claiming it was too provocative. Concessions were made there as well, in favor of the status quo and good business.


This time, however, Forum Films have put their foot down, claiming that these are merely words. "We were shocked when we received the request. We never asked to portray naked women or messages that may harm the sensibilities of the general public or the Orthodox public specifically," Barak said, adding that there had been no trouble with the other cities in Israel.


Meir Shamir, Maximedia's assistant director of sales and marketing, responded to the grievance: "We have treaties of commerce with the municipalities, which grant us the right to install signs and advertise within them, and there are certain understandings as to the substance advertised. Officials in the municipalities of Jerusalem and Petah Tikva have requested not to put up the word 'sex' because it bothers them.


"We asked Forum Films to leave out the word and place three dots in its stead, it's not exactly as they are telling the press. If we don't leave out the word, it's probable that the past will repeat itself and our signs will be mutilated. It certainly bothers a certain population."


A spokesman for the Jerusalem Municipality said in response, that they had learned of the issue from the press, and Maximedia had not consulted them on the subject.


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