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IDF preparing for another war? (Illustration)
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Turkey discusses peace while IDF prepares for war

Large-scale IDF drill for senior officers concluded with both positive, negative findings. Senior official: IDF blessed with incredible officers, combat soldiers. We need to make sure they receive clear, efficient orders

The IDF completed a large drill on Wednesday, which was conducted in order to drill its high-ranking officers on a number of scenarios in a number of different arenas. The drill, named 'Avney Esh' (Stones of Fire) is the second of its kind since the Second Lebanon War came to an end, and both the IDF's and the Winograd report's conclusions from the war were implemented in it.


The drill tested the abilities of senior IDF commanders in providing fast and efficient solutions to different incidents that may occur during war. During the drill, officers received messages about developments such as attacks occurring in different arenas and large numbers of wounded civilians and soldiers. The goal was to test their decision-making ability, and to present the information to the political ranks.


One senior officer commented on the drill, and said that it had unearthed positive findings, but also recognized certain failures. "This is the purpose of such drills," he said, adding that "this was not an all-inclusive drill, but rather one for senior officers.


"We already knew that the IDF has been blessed with incredible officers and combat soldiers, and we need to make sure that they receive orders in the clearest and most efficient ways in the event of a war."


This year, due to the escalation occurring in Gaza and on Israel's northern border, the IDF decided not to release information about the drill for publication until after it had been concluded. "Publication may have caused mistaken interpretations in certain circles, and we wanted to prevent that," the senior officer said.


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