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Nasrallah: Kuntar, his brothers to return to Lebanon soon

Hizbullah secretary-general addresses thousands of people in videotaped message broadcast at Beirut rally marking eight years since IDF's withdrawal from southern Lebanon. 'The liberation strategy gas proved itself, it has given back the land,' he says, warning that 'Israel is about to disappear'

The prisoners are our commitment and Samir Kuntar and his brothers will soon return to Lebanon, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said Monday evening in a videotaped message broadcast at a Beirut rally marking eight years since the Israel Defense Forces' withdrawal from southern Lebanon.


Thousands of people took part in the rally at the Dahiya Quarter, the organization's stronghold in the southern part of the Lebanese capital.


Nasrallah devoted a great part of his speech to the ramifications of the Second Lebanon War.


"This war in July changed many equations and reduced the chances for war. Your resistance in Lebanon, the blood of your shahids (martyrs), which thwarted the war and Israel's aggressiveness in Lebanon, reduced the chances for a regional war."


He promised his listeners, "We, who fought in the July war, will also fight in the next war."

Thousands watch Nasrallah's speech (Photo: AFP)


Nasrallah began his speech with a strategic review of region. He noted that "the resistance served as an example and a strategy in two areas: There is a strategy for liberation and removing the occupation, and a strategy of defending the homeland and people in the face of aggressiveness, threats and an invasion."


He said that this was the message conveyed by the Lebanese, the Palestinians and the Iraqis to the entire Muslim nation. 


'Bush and Rice are the ones who will be defeated'

"The tyrant (US President) George Bush, who recently arrived in Israel and gave Israel his full assistance, said that according to his vision, Israel will celebrate 120 years. But Bush, you should know that Israel is about to disappear.


"I tell Bush and (US Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice, who spoke of Hizbullah's defeat, that as long as Hizbullah relies on Allah and his people, you are the ones who will be defeated," he stated.


Addressing the recent crisis led by his organization in Lebanon, which ended in the government's capitulation and in the appointment of a new Lebanese president, the Hizbullah leader said, "I'm telling you again, we do not wish to control Lebanon.


"We do not wish to force our plan on the Lebanese people because we believe Lebanon is a special, colorful country, which is only valuable if everyone cooperates with everyone. This is what we ask for," he stated.


"After the illegal government went back on two of its depriving decisions, it was made clear that there was no coup and that we did not want to rule," Nasrallah said. "I reiterate my call for a real political partnership where no one will be separated from anyone, and the Lebanese will have the opportunity to build a just and real state, where the people's representatives rule in a transparent manner."


In regards to the political crisis, he added that "the resistance weapons are meant for the enemy, for the release of prisoners and for the liberation of the land, but not for the realization of political goals.


"Michel Suleiman's election as president renews the hope among the Lebanese for new times. The swearing in speech we heard yesterday testifies that there is an agreement, and this is what Lebanon needs."


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