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Olmert. Fooling everyone?
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Kadima to discuss primaries next week

Committee for party affairs to convene next Wednesday to consider early primary elections. Senior Kadima sources express their fear Olmert deceiving his fellow party members, trying to delay primaries

Primary elections drawing near? Knesset Member Tzachi Hangebi, chairman of the committee for party affairs in Kadima, informed the party's MKs on Tuesday that the committee would convene next Wednesday to discuss the primaries issue.


During the discussion, Kadima's legal advisor will brief the committee on the issue, and the meeting will also be attended by chairman of the Elections Committee, retired Judge Dan Arbel and the heads of the party's administration.


Hanegbi told Ynet he believes several additional meetings on the issue will be held in order to restore peace and quiet in the party.


As Prime Minister Ehud Olmert tours the United States on an official visit, his political rivals continue to engage in internal politics.


Senior Kadima sources expressed their fear on Monday that Olmert was deceiving his party members by delaying the discussion on early primaries, aiming to prevent them from taking place and "chaining" the Labor Party to the government table for several months longer.


A source in the party noted that "although Olmert is giving the impression that he is in favor of primaries, he is following us all. As long as he doesn’t say in his own voice that he is ready for primaries, there won't be primaries."


There are those in Kadima who estimate that the prime minister seeks to create a situation which will allow him to reach the cross-examination of American businessman Morris Talansky without party officials demanding a discussion on a date for the primaries.


Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz supports Olmert's desire to fight for his innocence in court, and does not insist on a discussion on early elections before than happens.


Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit is also willing to allow Olmert to prove his innocence, while Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is interested in scheduling a date for the primaries as soon as possible.


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