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'I live with the guilt.' Tami Arad
Photo: Michael Kramer
Ron Arad

Tami Arad voices support for Shalit family petition against truce

Wife of MIA Ron Arad writes letter to Prime Minister Olmert, attaches it to Shalit family petition to High Court against Gaza ceasefire. 'Captivity is a terminal disease,' she writes,' adding 'I have to live with the guilt of not doing enough'

Tami Arad, wife of missing aviator Ron Arad, has joined the petition filed by the Shalit family against the Gaza ceasefire.


Noam and Aviva Shalit, the parents of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, petitioned the High Court of Justice on Saturday, demanding it order the State not to open any of the border crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip prior to their son's release or a guarantee his release.


In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the cabinet ministers, which was attached to the petition on Sunday, she wrote: "Twenty-two years after Ron disappeared into the Lebanese abyss I allow myself to take advantage of the right reserved to the eternally-missing, and join Aviva and Noam's cry.


"I look in the mirror every morning, and unlike you and your ministers, I have to live with the guilt of not doing enough. I have failed to influence your predecessors in time, when it was still possible to bring Ron home alive."


Israel, wrote Arad, should pay whatever price necessary to ensure Gilad's return: "The mistakes made in Ron's case cannot be made again. Israel's deterrence capability cannot be established at the expense of its captive soldiers. Bigger experts than me have outlined better, more effective ways of fighting terror and they do not revolve around the answer to the kidnapped soldiers' issue.


Noam Shalit in court Sunday (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


"The past has taught us there is only one way to get a kidnapped soldier back alive – pay. As time goes by, the price goes up and the chances go down and we end up paying just as much for the dead.


"Captivity is a terminal disease. The chances of recovery are in your hands. Do not take away Gilad's hopes of returning to his family. Do not take away Aviva and Noam's hopes of reuniting with Gilad, of holding him in their arms again," wrote Arad.


Earlier Sunday, the State Prosecutor's Office filed a motion for a two-hour continuance in the case of the Shalit family versus Israel's ceasefire with the militant groups in the Gaza Strip; in order to allow the State to properly formulate its response.


The High Court granted the request. 


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