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Poll: IDF soldiers do not take precaution in bed
Survey on Israeli soldiers’ bedroom behavior reveals army men don’t like using condoms. Study also shows non-combat troops use protection less than combat soldiers

Israeli soldiers don’t like using a condom, according to a new survey on troops' bedroom behavior. The study also showed that non-combat troops use protection less than combat soldiers, and tend to replace their partners more often.


Some 113 male soldiers, aged 19-23, serving in an array of IDF army units took part in the survey. Its results were presented during an international nursing conference headed by Dr. Orly Toren, deputy director of the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, on Wednesday.


According to the findings, none of the soldiers use a condom on a regular basis. About 70% of them noted that they used condoms the first time they had sexual relations and 65% said they used protection the last time they had sex. However, none of them use condoms regularly.


The survey also indicated that soldiers serving close to home tend to use condoms less than combat soldiers. Those serving in close proximity to their homes also tend to switch partners more often.


According to the study, led by Merav Ben Natan, of the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera’s nursing school, the influence parents have on the soldiers’ sexual education is lower than that of their friends and partners.


Only 57% of the soldiers admitted talking to their parents about sexual activity; and of them only 27% noted that their parents’ explanations contributed or affected their sexual behavior.


In addition, more than 60% of the soldiers claimed that their parents do not know that they are sexually active and 70% said that they would prefer if sexual instruction would be carried out by a professional and not by their parents.


According to the research’s conductor, “the period in which young adults serve in the army affects their personal and sexual identities. Numerous studies have shown high morbidity rates and especially sexually contracted diseases amongst young adults during this decade of their lives.


“This, in turn, makes sexual education and regard for prevention instruction especially important, particularly in a closed circuit framework like the army."


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