Necessary evil (Illustration)

Belz Hasidic Court logs onto web

In unprecedented move, prominent Hasidic community allowed restricted internet use. 'Internet has become popular but you should know many dangers lurk in it,' community's rabbi warns

A first-of-its-kind agreement between Belz Hasidic Court and the internet provider Rimon may soon enable Blez followers to subscribe to the "kosher" internet.


Though "kosher" internet has been available for quite some time, the Belz version is expected to be different, as Rimon has pledged to put to use one of its newest technological developments to block any content even remotely suspected as inappropriate at the supplier's level, thus blocking any such content even on pre-approved sites.


The agreement between Rimon and the Belz Hasidic Court was signed last week, after several months of negotiations. The deal reportedly received Rabbi Dov Yissachar Rokeach's personal seal of approval.


The rabbi first informed his followers they would be allowed future internet access in his Simchat Torah sermon: "There is this thing called the internet, which has become very popular… but you should know that many dangers lurk in it, dangers to men, women and children," he said, adding he has come to the conclusion the internet is a necessity, albeit an evil one.


Notice of the agreement was made public last Friday, in the courts' synagogues and seminaries, detailing the approved web connection plans within the provider's outline.


Anyone who does not need to use the internet for their livelihood must steer clear of it, as if they were avoiding the plague," the memo said. "Anyone in need of the service," it added, "must only log on to the pre-approved, monitored websites.


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