Tsur Shezaf in Georgia

Gori: Russian soldier shoots at Ynet reporter, loots his car

Car with several Israeli journalist robbed at gunpoint by troops; 20 minutes later, car is returned by Russian officer. Ynet's Tsur Shezaf describes experience

Drama in Gori: Ynet reporter Tsur Shezaf describes the events which took place near Russian checkpoints in the Georgian city of Gori.


"We arrived on the outskirts of Gori on Thursday, during the afternoon. There were a lot of Russian troops and television crews. We arrived about two hours after an altercation almost broke out between Russian troops and Georgians. The Georgians were there to welcome their army, and the Russian troops brushed them off.


"As I was taking pictures around Gori, a Russian soldier approached me and started shooting his weapon in the air," added Shezaf. "People were running scared and our driver had disappeared. Suddenly a soldier appeared, I didn't know if he was an Osstetian or a Chechen. He pointed his weapon at me and screamed, 'Where are the car keys?'


"I approached the driver's side of the car and saw that the keys were in the ignition. I tried to get into the car and run, but the soldier pushed me and then he fired a round which nearly hit my foot, it actually hit the tip of my sandal.


"We just ran from the scene, me, channel 2's Carmel Luzzati and Haaretz's Nir Kafri. We were very stressed because the car had our personal things including passports. I quickly got in touch with the news room in Tel Aviv and asked for their help in coming up with a way for me to return to Israel, even without the passports and the personal equipment.


"The amazing thing is that after 20 minutes, a Russian officer showed up and returned our car, with all of our things still inside. Fortunately, the theft happened in view of Russian army commanders who would not stand up for that sort of behavior," commented



Earlier, Russian troops had blocked the entrance to the city of Gori, And Georgian troops were forced to hold their position, some 500 meters (1600 feet) away from the Russian troops.


The Russian troops stated that they have no intention of moving from that position until they have received explicit order, for now Georgian troops are avoiding entering the city.


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