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Livni: Irresponsible negotiation with PA may lead to violence
Foreign minister tells Foreign Press Association that Israel, Palestinians must reach 'responsible' accords if they are to avoid violent clashes. 'I'm aware of international community's the expectations by we have to reach detailed agreement,' she says

"Any attempt to try and bridge the gap between Israel and the Palestinians in any way other then in any way other then a detailed agreement a detailed agreement, may lead to violent clashes," said Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni Thursday, at a meeting with the Israeli Foreign Press Association.


"I am well aware of the expectations the international community has of these negotiations, but we have to create a responsible agreement."


When asked about US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's upcoming visit, Livni said that while the talks' timetable was important "the content is more important. If we try to bridge this gap in any way other then through a detailed agreement, we could end up with violent clashes."


Hamas ruled Gaza, she added, in the main obstacle in the Palestinians' efforts to secure their own state.

As for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's remark suggesting the failing to reach a viable two-state solution may spell the end of the State of Israel, Livni said that "Israel could never end. Israel is here to stay."


The subject of the Palestinian refugees' right of return, she said, "cannot coincide with the notion of two-state solution. It undermines Israel status as a Jewish state."


Livni then reiterated her call to the international community to unite in the fight against the Iranian nuclear program: "Stopping Iran must be perceived as an international interest… the current sanctions are just not enough."


The foreign minister also commented on Syrian President Bashar Assad's visit to Russia, saying that "Syria keeps violating the weapons embargo, but is able to get (the international community's) validation by holding indirect peace talks with Israel. It’s trying to regain its legitimacy despite its support of terror organizations."  


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