Surgical strike? Nuclear facility in Iran (Archives)
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Poll: 63% of Americans support Israeli strike in Iran

Israel Project survey finds US citizens concerned about Iran's growing nuclear capabilities, favor surgical strike on Tehran's facilities should diplomatic efforts fail

WASHINGTON – Some 63% of Americans supports a preemptive Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, should the international community's diplomatic efforts to curb its nuclear development fail, a recent poll held by the Israel Project revealed Thursday.


The survey indicated a growing concern in the US of the possibility that Iran would be able to possess actual nuclear capabilities: About 87% of those polled said a nuclear Iran will pose a threat to the US and 96% believe it would be of imminent threat to Israel.


Furthermore, 90% said that should Iran possess nuclear weapons it may sell them, or their technology to terror organizations. An additional 80% said they did not believe Iran was pursuing nuclear technology for sheer ability and that Tehran is likely to make use of it.


When asked what should or could be done to stop the Iranian nuclear program in its tracks, a majority of those polled said the supported a military strike against the Islamic Republic, should all diplomatic efforts fail.


Some 81% said they believed the international community must find a way to stop Iran's pursuit after nuclear technology; but 62% said they believed the world can still find a diplomatic solution which would make Iran halt its nuclear endeavors.


Should all else fails and a military strike proves a must, 55% of those polled said they would support a surgical strike by the US and its allies on Iran's nuclear facilities. The prospect of an Israeli strike favored better, with 63% saying they would support an Israeli strike on Tehran.


As for the US' role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, 69% of the survey's participants said they believed the US administrations must side with Israel. 


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