Missing: Rose Pizem
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Suspect Ronny Ron
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Searching for Rose
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Police: Rose's grandfather 'very disturbed'

Police source describes Ronny Ron as 'tough to read', says 'the person who will be able to get through to him, will be able to solve the mystery

Ronny Ron, the man suspected of murdering his four-year-old granddaughter Rose Pizem, is interrogated for several hours each day, but the more time passes, more questions arise regarding his version of events of the story.


On Sunday the search for Rose will expand and will include farmland near the Tel Aviv-Haifa Highway. 


"Ronny is very disturbed; the person who will be able to get through to him, will be able to solve the mystery", a police source told Ynet.


Most of the time, Ronny is interrogated at police headquarters in Ramla, and the police are having a hard time getting through to him: "He isn't some master criminal, just extremely disturbed. He's indifferent, and has a poker face that's tough to read," said the police source.


From time to time Ronny will be transferred to a police holding facility. Since he is suspected of harming a child, an act considered despicable among prisoners, Ronny has his own cell, and out of fear that he would kill himself, he has been placed on "suicide watch".


Despite his confession and re-enactment of his crime, so far police have found nothing. On Sunday, Border Guard officers and army trackers will join police in their search efforts, covering the area from Netanya to Tel Aviv'sYarkon River, to see if Ronny had deviated from his supposed route and buried rose somewhere in the surrounding farmland. Trained dogs will aid the trackers in the search.


During the weekend, the Yarkon River was searched using police boats and a helicopter. In addition police and volunteers searched along the river bank. The search also continued in Netanya with mounted police units, ATV's and volunteers. The search started in the area of Beit Goldmintz, where according to Ronny's testimony, he struck Rose until she lost consciousness. The search stretched to the Alexander River, where police and volunteers searched the river bank.


'Brought joy wherever she was'

An opportunity to crack the case presented itself two and a half weeks ago, when the story first broke. Ronny and Marie Renault, Rose's mother, were arrested and brought into questioning. At first Ronny refused to cooperate and would only talk to the station's commanding officer, Commander Ron Gertner. This produced the initial confession about the body being dumped in the Yarkon River. When investigators would try to gather testimony from Ronny, he refused to talk to them and said that he would "only talk to Ron".


A police source said that "for some reason, without having previously met, Ronny locked in on Ron, and treated him with respect. Maybe it's the rank, maybe the job title or maybe because Ron would listen and be attentive that Ronny was ready to talk to him".


The next day, the case was transferred to the police's central unit, and Ronny was transferred to Ramla. "If he had stayed in Netanya, maybe he would have opened up and help us solve the case" a police source said.


Interviewed by AFP, Isabel Dachieye, Marie's mother and Rose's grandmother, talked about the four and half years of misery that Rose had lived through, but despite the suffering "she brought joy wherever she was.


"She was only four and a half, and lived a horrible life, so much tragedy," said the grandmother.


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