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Gush Katif evacuation. Not all problems solved
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Vice Premier Ramon. Bill's initiator
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Gaza evacuees: Government throwing sand in settlers' eyes
Former Gush Katif residents angered by Sunday's cabinet discussion on compensation for settlers who voluntarily leave West Bank. 'This is a spin aimed at diverting the attention from the real problems,' says woman evacuated from Neve Dekalim
Former Gush Katif residents who now live in caravan sites in southern Israel were surprised to hear that the government would discuss on Sunday an initiative put forward Vice Premier Haim Ramon, proposing the voluntary evacuation and compensation of Israeli settlers living in the West Bank.


"On the other hand, we are not surprised by anything anymore," said Hagit Yaron, who was evacuated from the settlement of Neve Dekalim during the 2005 pullout from Gaza. "This government is not leading any ideological statement or line in any case."


"This is a disgrace for the State, to even raise such an issue for discussion," said Aharon Hazut, who was vacated from Gan Or and represents the evacuated Gush Katif farmers, a group for which the State has yet to find an accepted solution.


The State claims that it has offered several solutions to the evacuees, but they refused to accept them. Like his friends, Hazut lives in a caravilla (a caravan made to look like a villa), has no work and is slowly losing the money he got as compensation.


"This has nothing to do with any political matters, but it does have to do with the fact that three years after the failed disengagement they even dare discuss it," Hazut noted. "This is all so insane and inconceivable. It points to failed conduct. Anyone examining the performance during the disengagement realizes how impossible it is to even discuss this."


'Can't believe this is happening'

"About 80% of the farmers have no solution yet, and many of my other friends have no housing solutions and no employment solutions, and now they want to duplicate this idea?' asked Hazut.


"I'm sitting here and I can't believe this is happening. If they had a little more morals they wouldn't dare discuss this," he added.


"They are throwing sand in these settlers' eyes," said Yaron. "They think money can solve this matter, but money is not even the issue. There are values and ideology here which are not being discussed at all, and instead they talk about the money the settlers will be given. Such a move cannot be implemented in exchange for money.


"How can this even be discusses after the disengagement. The results are so clear. Most settlers have no solution yet. The State claims that they were given a solution, but giving them ground is not a solution because they have no money to build.


"Who would have thought that three years later they would even dare discuss this? But this is a government built on media spins and an attempt to divert the discussion from the real problems," she concluded.


Each family to receive NIS 1 million

Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday that each family which agrees to immediately leave its house as part of an evacuation-compensation plan in the West Bank will receive NIS 1 million (about $ 278,164).


The plan was initiated by Vice Premier Ramon and refers to 61,800 settlers living in 72 isolated settlements east of the separation fence. According to estimates, these residents will be evacuated from their homes as part of a permanent agreement with the Palestinians.


According to Ramon's plan, each family which leaves before a diplomatic agreement will receive compensation of NIS 1 million from the State for its private house, and additional compensation for agricultural or commercial lands it owns. Larger compensation will be given to those who settle in the Negev or Galilee.


A recent poll conducted by the Smith Institute reveals that 11,124 settlers have already expressed their willingness to vacate their homes immediately. According to estimates, after the bill is approved, 4,320 additional settlers will agree to leave in return for compensation.


In other words, 25% of the settlers living east of the fence will evacuate themselves before an agreement is reached with the Palestinians.


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