Mofaz. Commits to schedule
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Livni. Benefiting from equality
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Mofaz: Women as capable as men

Kadima chairmanship candidate concludes campaign by announcing his support for equal opportunities, also says will establish foundation of government by Rosh Hashana

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz announced Monday that by the time the holidays begin at the end of September, he will have constructed a foundation for the establishment of his new government. He will present this information to the public in November – if, that is, he emerges victorious from the Kadima primaries on Wednesday.


Mofaz was speaking before a group of women who attended the convention concluding his campaign for Kadima Party chairmanship. Beside him stood Ministers Ruhama Avraham Balila and Ze'ev Boim.


The transportation minister said, "Our goal is to establish a government and maintain governmental stability, not to drag the country to an election." According to Mofaz an election would not be in Israel's best interest.


Mofaz also announced that in his opinion, "women are capable of performing all of the offices in the State just as well as men." He added, "I believe in equal opportunities."


Boim declared that "the man capable of making sure the Knesset comes to its end is Shaul Mofaz." He then added, "Integrity – will that be the agenda? Ms. Livni is a perfect example of integrity, but that is not the issue. The issue is who has more experience in dealing with the trials ahead."


Boim called on Livni and her supporters to maintain Kadima's unity regardless of the election results. "The attempt made by some people to vilify us as if we were Likud no. 2 is uncalled for," he said. "We left the Likud because we tired of its extremist ideals."


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