Livni. Wants stability
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Livni: Coalition must back State Budget
Kadima chairwoman tells party members she plans to form stable government able to stand firm until Knesset carries out its term, much of this depending on approval of next year's budget, which will 'give government some breathing room'

Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni said Sunday she plans to work towards creating a coalition that will support next year's State Budget.


During a party meeting in Petah Tikva Livni said, "The intention is to make sure that when we finish the process of constructing the coalition we know we have support for the budget in the Knesset."


She added that when the State Budget is approved "we know we really have a stable government in which everything is certain, in regards to the future, and this will give the government some breathing room."


Livni said she intended to create a coalition that would stand firm for the length of the current Knesset's term.


"We are currently holding talks in order to investigate the option of expanding the government with Agudat Yisrael (Union of Israel) and Meretz, but the basis is that of this government," she said.


Though she expressed her intention to create a stable coalition, the Kadima chairwoman urged the party to be prepared for an election. "I believe the political uncertainty can be mollified, but we must also realize that Kadima should be prepared for elections as well."


She concluded by claiming that members of the past government "each had their own private interests. This government's ability to embark on a new path depends on our conduct."


Livni appointed Minister Eli Aflalo and Knesset Member Israel Hasson (Yisrael Beiteinu) to supervise the new coalition's working procedures, "so the Knesset can reform its conduct".


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